Every Penny Counts, Inc.

Provides banks, processors, merchants and nonprofits – with patented technology – to grow and maintain passionate customers!


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Every Penny Counts, Inc.

Corporate Backgrounder

Every Penny Counts, Inc. (EPC) is a Delaware corporation with offices located at:
6151 Lake Osprey Drive
     Suite 300

Sarasota, FL 34240
     Telephone: 941-377-0160
     Email: corporate@everypennycounts.com
     Corporate website: www.EveryPennyCounts.com

Business of the Company
EPC is a privately held “business services” company that creates, patents, licenses, and selectively operates world-class products that (a) technologically “extend and expand” financial transactions and (b) allow people “to take better care of themselves and others – using one penny at a time!”

(2)   Invention / Management Team
The management team, behind the development and implementation of EPC products, is composed of both left and right brain thinkers. EPC’s analytic/creative team members have backgrounds as retail bankers, accountants, programmers, hardware engineers, mathematicians, investment bankers, nonprofit fundraisers, teachers, merchandisers, telephony experts, patent attorneys, insurance executives, management consultants and EPC even has a psychoanalyst in residence.

“6-Step Burke Product Test” – requires that a product be:
1. Needed by millions of consumers
           2. Protected by patents and trademarks
           3. Easily manufactured and distributed
           4. Socially and environmentally positive
           5. Capable of providing high profit margins
           6. "In the Business"
               (Requirement 6 was added to the list of "tests" after the June 2007 U.S. Supreme Court's
               decision eliminated the rights of patent holders from having injunctive powers unless the patent
               holder was "in the business". Due to the Court's decision, EPC decided it would no longer offer
               a new product unless EPC was "in the business". By being "in the business" and offering a 
               U.S. Patented Product, EPC would then have the capability of obtaining a court ordered
               injunction against competitors - should they decide to infringe a patented EPC product.)

For More Information:

Bertram V. Burke, Ph.D., Co-Founder